How to raise bilingual kids

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Raise bilingual children

A guide to raising bilingual children Improving language skills at any stage in life is always a good idea. It can lead to greater career opportunities and can also improve cultural awareness and social skills while travelling. For younger children, promoting bilingualism can also have the above benefits as well … Read More

Home educate with games

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Little girl playing with cards in an education at home setting

Add more math into your child’s life with these games The rules for homeschooling in different countries can make it difficult to educate your child the way you want to, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot educate them at home at all. If you want to introduce concepts to … Read More

International students

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two smiling young women with books

Expat students Let’s catch up shall we? So we’ve got a quarter billion living abroad and it’s comprised of the most diverse population imaginable. Most recently we’ve sussed that, on the whole, ‘the kids are alright’, but we could do with raising awareness about unaccompanied young immigrants, as shown in … Read More

Moving abroad to study: infographic

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Study abroad? Where students go. Where are all the world’s international students moving from and to around the world? This map shows the countries where all the world’s international students are moving from and to using the most recent data from UNESCO, published in May 2014. The primary colour shows … Read More

What are language immersion programs?

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Immersion programs help children learn languages In an increasingly diverse country and expanding global economy, it’s more important than ever that children be able to communicate in the languages of their peers. Some language immersion programs focus on bringing English language learner students up to speed, while others focus on … Read More

Learn to code in the UK this summer

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Young coders working on a robot

Bring your kids up to code Tech is no longer just for geeks; it’s an incredible, creative space where the sciences and arts collide. You may have heard about the ‘digital skills gap’ and the need to put digital literacy at the heart of education. Such arguments are well-grounded although … Read More