Quotes about languages

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Football displaying many flags

The importance of learning a language Why learn a language? Well, it goes without saying that you will gain so much more from your new home country if you can make yourself understood! At the very least, you need to be able to shop, ask directions and eat. Further than … Read More

What are the hardest languages to learn?

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Header what are the most difficult languages to learn

Language infographic We’ve looked at which are considered to be the easiest of languages to learn for native English speakers, and also which are the ‘best’ or most useful languages to learn for business. But which are the most difficult languages to learn? Some languages can be trickier than others. … Read More

Does being bilingual make you brainy?

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Does being bilingual make you cleverer

How the brain benefits from being bilingual – Infographic The brain benefits immensely from speaking two or more languages from improved cognitive skills, to developing denser grey matter, to improved decision making skills, and even delaying the onset of dementia. Bilingualism improves children’s test scores and critical thinking abilities, as … Read More

What to expect from a bilingual kindergarten

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Bilingual kindergarten child painting with lots of colours

What to expect from a bilingual kindergarten For almost 4 months now, LJ has been attending a German bilingual kindergarten. In Germany, children normally go to kindergarten (Kita) from 3 years old until about 6. This is the equivalent of nursery school (école maternelle). Kindergartens are not schools. For me, … Read More

Keeping up with the English!

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Boy writing in an exercise book Learning language Keeping up with native language

When to teach written English? One big challenge when bringing up English speaking children in a foreign speaking country, is when and how to introduce written English. It’s one thing to expect a child to learn to speak two languages at the same time, but is it an unnecessary pressure … Read More

Raising bilingual children wherever you live

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Bilingual children at a Spanish theatre workshop

When you cannot, or choose not to, move abroad As I watched a recent episode of ‘A Place in the Sun’, ‘Home and Away’ or ‘Winter Sun’ I was thinking about the expat lifestyle and the richness of living abroad, making new discoveries and immersing oneself in the new language … Read More

Foreign language training overseas

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Learn a language. The word Hello in various languages. Language training overseas

Learn a new language Learning a foreign language becomes much easier once you have arrived in your new country. You are constantly surrounded by the new sounds and rhythms of the native tongue which helps embed the language in the brain. Reading will also become easier as you can see … Read More

English as a foreign language?

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Multicoloured scoops of ice cream in a cone

“We don’t speak English, we speak American” Once upon a time I was in Costa Rica trying to buy an ice cream. The seller couldn’t understand my Spanish, which really wasn’t bad in those days. I tried English but he couldn’t understand that either. I slowed down my English – … Read More