How to keep up to date with home

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Cup of coffee next to a laptop. Expat virtual coffee break

Keeping the home bonds alive When you first move overseas your whole life is dictated by everything new around you. So even though you might feel emotionally attached to ‘back home’ (the people, the familiarity, the customs, and the news) in order to settle you need to be on a mission … Read More

Christmas abroad

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Merry Christmas

How to experience Christmas overseas Christmas is swathed in cultural and family tradition so living overseas can mean a very different Christmas experience for you! Cultural differences Having spent Christmas in both America and Australia I know Christmas can differ wildly from country to country. Christmas is all about the … Read More

Keeping in touch or lack of freedom?

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Teens on a beach talking a photo of themselves with a mobile phone

Keeping track of third culture kids Originally published in January 2013 this article explains how expat kids turn out – usually with a wandering, global nomad habit! It also explores the differences a couple of decades make in how we keep in touch with each other when overseas. While modern … Read More

Expat family ties

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Boy posting a letter

Expat family ties: far away but not distant There is a saying that grandchildren are the reward for being a good parent. And many grandparents would certainly agree. But what if many miles separate your children and their grandparents? Does it mean the relationship will be distant too? Can you … Read More