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Keeping in touch

Christmas abroad

Merry Christmas

How to experience Christmas overseas Christmas is swathed in cultural and family tradition so living overseas can mean a very different Christmas experience for you! Cultural differences Having spent Christmas in both America and Australia I know Christmas can differ ... Read More »

How to maintain family bonds across borders

Keeping in touch Couple chatting on webcam Skype

How to keep in touch across borders I wrote some time ago about the difficulties of staying in touch with loved ones when you expatriate and how this has become easier over the years. Recently, talking to my Mother in ... Read More »

Modern technology and staying in touch

Vintage telephone and typewriter standing on the desk in the office

Keeping in touch as an expat The autumn seems to bring a spate of family birthdays – my children, mother-in-law, step-mother, sister-in-law, niece, father and my sister all have birthdays falling between September and November. In years gone by we ... Read More »

How to keep in touch with friends and family who live overseas

Girl in a pink top talking on the telephone

Stay connected and in touch when abroad International communication in the 21st century means the world is so much smaller now than just a few decades ago. Skype enables friends and family to ‘be in the same room’ regardless of ... Read More »

Keeping in touch or lack of freedom?

Teens on a beach talking a photo of themselves with a mobile phone

Keeping track of third culture kids Originally published in January 2013 this article explains how expat kids turn out – usually with a wandering, global nomad habit! It also explores the differences a couple of decades make in how we ... Read More »