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21 ways to build friendships

Friends lying in a circle on the grass

How to build strong friendships Finding a new friend, let alone a whole group of friends is quite tricky as an expat. We’ve looked at why it’s important to make the effort to ‘get out there’ in order to help ... Read More »

How to make new friends in a new country

Two Friends hugging

How to rebuild your social life abroad Moving overseas as an accompanying partner can be both exciting and lonely. Exciting because you’re embarking on a brand new adventure together and lonely because whilst your partner goes to work, often you’re ... Read More »

How to maintain family bonds across borders

Keeping in touch Couple chatting on webcam Skype

How to keep in touch across borders I wrote some time ago about the difficulties of staying in touch with loved ones when you expatriate and how this has become easier over the years. Recently, talking to my Mother in ... Read More »

Be prepared for emergencies

Ambulance and man on a stretcher

As an expat arriving in a new country there are so many new things to learn and organise you may forget something extremely important; something that could actually be a matter of life or death. How to contact the emergency ... Read More »

Modern technology and staying in touch

Vintage telephone and typewriter standing on the desk in the office

Keeping in touch as an expat The autumn seems to bring a spate of family birthdays – my children, mother-in-law, step-mother, sister-in-law, niece, father and my sister all have birthdays falling between September and November. In years gone by we ... Read More »