Homesick expatriates

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Homesick expats hitchhiker holding a sign saying home

Homesickness and how to cope with it What is homesickness? Experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it. Judging by the number of people searching for answers on this subject, homesickness is a huge issue for many expatriates. And it’s not a problem that can … Read More

Expat culture shock

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John Tenniel's illustration of Alice meeting the Dodo in Wonderland Culture shock

Culture shock and reverse culture shock If you’ve never experienced culture shock, try imagining that you are Alice in Lewis Carroll’s books, ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and ”Through the Looking-Glass”. They provide perfect descriptions of the many emotions that swirl around when in the midst of culture shock. It was … Read More

How to combat jet lag – Infographic

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woman relaxing on holiday looking at a plane

Jet lag demystified Did you know that there is an ‘anti-jetlag’ diet? I didn’t! See the infographic below for more information. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Finding your community overseas

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Friends meeting shaking hands

Expats or locals? When you live abroad an important element of your life is your social circle. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks between being part of the expat community and ‘going native’. The expat community With other expats of your own nationality it’s great to be able to … Read More

Protect your relationship

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Romantic couple holding hands on a beach at sunset

Pressures on your relationship and how to avoid them When you move abroad you don’t just leave your country, you leave behind your entire world. This lack of support, in the guise of friends and family, can have a number of effects on your relationship with your partner, and it’s … Read More