5 things every new expat must know

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5 do-or-die things that every new expat needs to know OK – so ‘die’ might be a little extreme… but seriously, these 5 top expat tips will save you a lot of stress. 1. Your expectations need continuous reassessment ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one…we’re not scared!’ (Michael […]

Living with uncertainty

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Planning for the unknown Moving abroad comes with uncertainty. Maybe it’s the company saying you might be posted overseas… but they don’t know for sure. Or maybe the uncertainty is that you will be posted overseas… but you don’t know when. Or you don’t know how long the posting will last… is there a set […]

The four key challenges new expats face

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Being an expat isn’t easy No one ever said that being an expat was easy; in fact, when you’re starting out, it’s about as far from the romantic ideal of a carefree life in the sun as you could possibly get. With so much to plan and organise it feels chaotic at best and disastrous […]

Flying with children

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 “Are we nearly there yet?” Let’s be honest – the first 3 or 4 times they ask this (usually accomplished within 30 minutes of take-off) is cute and quite funny. The 8th time (in an hour) is getting a little bit annoying and when you hit 15-20 times in 90 minutes it’s starting to seriously […]

How to tell your child you are moving abroad

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Preparing your children for an overseas adventure Moving overseas is a big decision – moving overseas when there are children involved is a massive and difficult one. You’ll be only too aware that you are taking them away from everything familiar and starting again in an alien environment, so you’ll worry about how they’ll cope. […]

Moving abroad with children

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Careful planning of any move abroad with kids is crucial to your success, so take the time to think things through and make sure it’s the right decision for your family.