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How does expat life affect your child’s education?

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Does moving between schools damage your child’s education? Extracted from my book, ‘Expat Education: An Expat’s Guide To Choosing a School Overseas‘ “Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.” Shakuntala Devi One of the biggest worries for any parent […]

Expat financial advice

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The top 3 expat money challenges Wouldn’t it be lovely if all you had to worry about when moving overseas was the experience? The opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new language, experience global cuisine and see the wonders of the world? Unfortunately, to make the most of all the wonderful […]

The most useful apps for expat kids

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The most useful apps for your expat child In a world where almost everything can be achieved digitally, from ordering a takeaway to keeping in touch with family and friends, our children are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and this can be a useful tool. The trick is knowing when, where and how to facilitate their fascination […]

What to pack in your luggage when you move abroad

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Suitcases for your move overseas… what to pack in them? Normal suitcase stuff. Yeah, and the rest! You’ll be amazed at how much ends up in your suitcases. Because this is pretty much the last chance you get to gather all your belongings together before you move overseas, it’s wise to have a packing trial […]

Final preparations before Packing Day

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Getting ready for removals day Two to three days before the removal company arrives The following assumes you are using a professional packing team. You have enough going on with planning this move abroad and keeping your children on track and reassured, so leave the actual packing to the professionals. It’s probably best to start […]

How to cope with homesickness as an expat

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Homesick? I recently talked to a friend who made me think about the nature of homesickness. She was outraged when her child’s school told her she couldn’t have any contact with her son during his week-long year 6 residential trip. “It’s cruel”, she raged, “he’ll be homesick, he’ll need me to reassure him, how can […]

Flying long haul with a toddler

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Toddlers on a plane! That sounds like the title of a bad horror movie and having been there a few times myself, I can honestly say that sometimes it feels that way too. The good news is, it’s less about chance than about great preparation; so, you can learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid […]

5 things every new expat must know

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5 do-or-die things that every new expat needs to know OK – so ‘die’ might be a little extreme… but seriously, these 5 top expat tips will save you a lot of stress. 1. Your expectations need continuous reassessment ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one…we’re not scared!’ (Michael […]

Your school search overseas – Special Educational Needs

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Special Educational Needs abroad When you are moving abroad with children, choosing a school is difficult. If your child has special educational needs, this can be even more of a challenge. If you’re moving from the UK, the culture change can be a shock. Educational needs vary from country to country and often the quality […]

International schools – The best option for expats?

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Why choose an international school Education is one of the most important considerations when relocating with children. For those who want their children to mix with a diverse group and attain a more internationally recognised set of qualifications, international schools are the best option. However, there are many things to consider, as with any aspect […]