The Anti-Loneliness Project Claimed

Therapy. Counseling. Psychoeducational Workshops. Support Groups. You are not alone. Support through transition, change, loss.

You Are Not Alone. No One Deserves That.

Counselor – Psychologist with more than 15 years of experience offers counseling services and support for: anxiety, loneliness, expat life, depression, transition, relationship issues, divorce, and grief.

One-to-one sessions, therapy, online counseling, workshops and support groups.

About The Anti-Loneliness Project

The Anti-Loneliness Project’s mission is to help and support people who are going through a hard time in life. Loneliness is the “umbrella” feeling that covers many of the challenging moments and phases in our life, but also it’s the way we feel when we have nobody to talk to and to deeply connect with.

You are not Alone. One-to-one counseling sessions, workshops, support groups and online counseling are offered to people who would like to break the vicious circle, start over and find their inner peace again.

About Vassia Sarantopoulou

Vassia Sarantopoulou has been a counselor-psychologist for more than 15 years and she has gathered valuable experience from both the Greek and the Dutch culture in order to help people integrate easier to the new life. She has completed a Master in Psychology (Leiden University) and a Master in Counseling (University of Athens) and she has attended numerous trainings, workshops and conferences on the field of Psychology. Her main approach is a combination of CBT and Mindfulness, so that she can help her clients find balance between their heart and mind.


Vassia Sarantopoulou sees her clients and organises her workshops and support groups in Leiden and The Hague area, but also holds online (Skype) sessions with people all around the globe.