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SafetyWing is your home country on the internet. We’re here to remove the role of geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunities and freedom for everyone.

Nomad Insurance and Remote Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Location Independence

People who are location independent fall between the cracks, without proper access to insurance or national safety nets. We know this because we are nomads ourselves.

To solve this, we are building a global social safety net tailored to the needs of online freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote companies. We started with travel and medical insurance (Nomad Insurance) and are adding comprehensive health insurance (Remote Health) to our offering before moving on to disability insurance and pension savings into one global membership. We will keep adding products until we have a complete social safety net — fully functioning across borders.

The ultimate plan is to create actual citizenship with a passport — a country on the internet — where citizens are lifetime members with unlimited access to a global social safety net.

SafetyWing is your home country online

SafetyWing are building a global social safety net for digital nomads and remote companies: from travel and health insurance to a truly borderless world.

They offer:

1. Nomad Insurance – Travel insurance that covers you worldwide, with Covid-19 and unexpected quarantine coverage.
2. Remote Health – Comprehensive health insurance solution for remote teams that covers everyone globally, no matter where they are in the world.

Nomad Insurance

Nomad Insurance is the first insurance product built specifically for nomads, by nomads. Our long-term mission is to build the first country on the internet offering global health insurance, pensions and disability, as a replacement for national welfare systems.

Nomad Insurance is a global travel medical insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – COVID-19 coverage included. You can buy it even if you are already abroad.

– Flexible: it works like a subscription and we offer multiple services for different sort of nomads, travelers and remote workers.

– COVID-19 coverage is included! It also covers quarantine outside your home country of $50/day for up to 10 days (with the limitation of being once within a 364-day period).

Offers worldwide coverage as well as limited home country coverage (up to 30 days every 3 months).

– Reliable: SafetyWing is a Y-Combinator company and the policy is administered by Tokio Marine, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Available for purchase in 180 countries and can be purchased while already traveling.

Nomad Insurance offers 24/7 support with great response times. Talk to a real person who is also a nomad!


Health Insurance for Remote Teams

Remote Health is a global health insurance to cover your employees and contractors worldwide under one plan, regardless of where they live. Add or remove members through a user friendly dashboard.

Covers all the team members (employees & contractors).

Worldwide coverage: 185 + country full coverage and emergency coverage for planned trips in every country in the world.

Simple: 1 plan, 1 price for 1 year. Fast signup and easy to use dashboard where you can add and remove people on/off from the plan.

You can choose between different add-ons and tailor your teams coverage plan.

Group discount globally: price gets lower when the team grows.

Find out more about location independence here:

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Did you know that SafetyWing operates the Borderless website which helps travelers get from A to B by navigating the variety of restrictions countries have in place?

We’re also in the process of creating the first country on the internet in an effort to move towards a truly borderless world. Find out more by visiting our Plumia page