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Experienced Childcare for Expat Families

Find out how an au-pair grandma can become part of your family and bring peace and stability into your everyday life with her reliable and experienced childcare. With their wealth of life experience, our Grannies offer what many young au pairs are not able to manage and what families really appreciate.

The ideal form of childcare

They have loads of hands-on experience, are down-to-earth and responsible. Our Grannies have time to bake, craft, cook and play.

They give love, security and comfort and are there for the children when their parents are too busy during the week. Especially for current and future expat families a loving au pair grandma can be an extremely helpful support regarding childcare, also bringing bit of “back home-feeling” into the new surroundings.

Expat families then can take their time getting used to the new situation in an unfamiliar country with a different culture knowing that their children are in experienced hands. For more and more families an au pair grandma is turning out to be the ideal form of childcare.

Granny Aupair located in Hamburg, Germany, was the first of its kind on the market and was founded in 2010 by mother and grandmother Michaela Hansen. Now after more than one decade we have placed thousands of Grannies in over 50 countries.

Confidentiality, quality, openness and personal guidance are very important to us at Granny Aupair. We are in personal contact with all our members. Our price structure is totally transparent and without hidden costs.




Q How do we find a Granny Aupair?

Families and Grannies can first register free of charge on the website and view the profiles of the Grannies looking for a family and vice versa. To get in touch with a Granny you become a member of the community and can thus send and receive contact requests and discuss all further details of a placement with the Grannies of your choice.

Q Do we have to pay anything else than the membership?

Board and lodging for the Granny should be free. Anything else like pocket money, working hours, free time etc. should be discussed between the Granny and the family beforehand. Many families participate in the travelling costs.

Q Do we have a contract?

Granny Aupair connects people around the world. It is a personal agreement between you and the Granny, which is concluded without a formal contract or legally binding obligations. If the chemistry is not right, the Granny may leave at any time. Or, on the other hand, you can also ask the Granny to end her stay at any time.

Q How long do the Grannies stay?

As there is no au pair visa for people over 30, Granny Aupairs mostly stay with the families for three to six months, but there have been many Grannies who have stayed longer with the families. Many families build up a “Granny Pool” so they have several reliable figures in their children’s lives.

Q What kind of background do the Grannies have?

Our Grannies are experienced women who used to work or still work as teachers, flight attendants, child care workers, secretaries, nurses etc. They are between 45 and 75 years old, they are active and curious.
They love doing useful and interesting things, they are eager to find out about other cultures and customs and they want to improve their language skills.
They would like to be integrated into a family because they may not yet have grandchildren of their own or their grandkids live far away or are already grown. For many Grannies the stay as an au pair is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream and the wishes and expectations are high. To take this step at an advanced age requires courage and does not come easily.
The Grannies would welcome appreciation and recognition in their new surroundings. We very much hope that their courage will be rewarded and they will be met with affection and understanding.

Q Are there any checks on the Grannies?

The Grannies – like the families - also create a detailed profile and upload photos. Both parties assure that the data provided is correct.
Via the membership fee we ensure indirectly that there are only serious prospects in our file. We strongly recommend exchanging information beforehand extensively by email, Skype, Facetime or over the phone. Within Europe there is the possibility of Get Acquainted meetings – if both parties wish to meet beforehand. After documents you prefer, like police clearance certificates and/or references must be requested from the Granny directly.