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We advise expats worldwide on divorce and family law matters

We advise expats worldwide on divorce and family law matters

Our team of English lawyers are specialists in international divorce and family law, conducting divorces for expatriates through the UK courts. Our lawyers advise on a range of family law issues involving expats including:

Expat divorce through the English courts

Child and spousal maintenance claims by expat parents

Negotiating division of assets on divorce including pension claims

Prenuptial and marital agreements

Protecting assets within divorce

Child relocation within expat families

Child custody disputes within British expat families

Our office is opposite the main family court in London, and in the centre of London’s legal district, ensuring the swift and efficient processing of divorce and other court applications for our clients.

Our firm is made up of a number of specialist family lawyers, dealing with basic ‘quick’ divorces for expat clients for as little as £1000, to complex matrimonial finance cases involving trusts, international assets, and enforcement issues.

We advise British expatriates all around the world, in particular from Dubai, Singapore, and Nairobi.


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