Alison Collis Counselling & Coaching Claimed

Specialising in working with Expatriates, Adult Third Culture Kids and Global Nomads

Specialising in working with Expatriates, Adult Third Culture Kids and Global Nomads

I work with adults of all ages, living anywhere in the world. The thing they all have in common is that at some stage in their life, they have lived in a different country to the one they were born in – and this has created problems. My clients tend to be:-

Parents of Third Culture Kids

Many parents have concerns about the long term effects of a mobile childhood. I provide practical advice and tools to help them reduce the risks and maximise the benefits.

Expats looking for Support

For you if your move abroad has created its own challenges, dredged up past hurts or you simply want to benefit from this time of personal growth.

Adult Third Culture Kids

Adults who had a very mobile childhood are often unsure of their identity and don’t feel they ‘belong’ anywhere. I use some specific techniques to help Adult TCK’s.

Expatriate Couples

Living in another culture can add significant stress to any relationship. I help couples communicate more effectively with each other to resolve problems.

I put my client at the centre of our work together. The agenda is yours, my role is to help you resolve problem areas and achieve your goals. I’m able to do this because I’ve had very rigorous training both in psychotherapy and coaching, understand cultural difference and how to make personal change easier.

Common themes and examples:

– Just arrived and want your move to be successful.

– Worried about the impact of the move on your children.

– Having difficulties navigating the new culture.

– Your move has stirred up painful issues from the past.

– You moved a lot as a child and now don’t know where you really belong and/or are unsure of who you are.

– The move has put a lot of strain on your relationship.

– Recently become the ‘Expat Partner’ – what is your new identity? How can you make your life satisfying?

– Finding it hard to cope without your old support network.

– Feeling sad and or lonely.

– Need to prepare for your next overseas move.

I’ve been a therapist and coach for 16 years, before that I had a successful corporate career. I am a registered member of the Association for Coaching: ALC0816M and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists: 118342.


“Working with you individually was a really validating experience for me as I was in a position to not only share my personal experiences, I was also open to hear your input. You helped me to realise that I already had all the answers, I just needed to see them, accept them and move forward.” Rachel

“Alison has extensive professional knowledge plus personal experience as an expatriate, and this coupled with her gentle manner and expertise as a consultant, facilitator and coach on the issue of moving countries provided the kind of support I needed at a time when I was in transition from one culture to another.” Louise