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A Mindful Journey to Freedom Claimed

Life Coaching for Expatriates

Life Coaching for Expatriates

A Mindful Journey to Freedom was established in 2015 by Angelic Ingram in London, UK. As an American expat in the UK she faced many emotional challenges in the beginning of her journey. Many of which were difficult to overcome on her own. As she found her way through with the guidance of her coach and mindfulness practice, she then became obsessed with the coaching process and decided to hang up her HHP license and help other expats move through their challenges and achieve their goals. She then proceeded to complete her personal coaching training in London before repatriating back to the states in 2017 to care for her mother.

Angelic dedicates her coaching business to the expat community, targeting the expat wife as she fully understands and resonates with the issues that are faced after leaving your work behind to support your spouse’s. It’s not always a smooth transition, emotionally, and Angelic is passionate about guiding her clients back to a place where they can regain their purpose, confidence and joy to thrive ahead and achieve their goals.

The Vision:

This is a community where expatriates around the world can come and be supported, guided and empowered to thrive in their new homes abroad and create the meaningful lives they desire. We are about connection, growth and mindfulness aligned with the idea that we are all striving for the same success and joy on a personal and soulful level.

We take nothing for granted and work together to create a safe and powerful space for all. Respect and kindness moves throughout our community and our intended vision is to remain unified as a global people while developing our own unique innate powers to create the home within.

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