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The perfect journal to accompany any move, and life on either side of it!
Checklists and timelines to guide the relocation process (I’m already feeling more organised) and enough lines on one page to set up my ‘monthly log’ without squishing…
ExpatChild.com has helped me far much more than I expected. Without ExpatChild.com I’d be nowhere, but I’m now much happier and have a great future planned out ahead.
Harry Wallace
What a pleasure to read ‘Expat Child’. Full of useful information with a fun, constructive point of view. Having experienced it all myself with my family, this blog makes me smile and brings back fond memories of our similar experiences. It is spot on – thank you!
Teresita Colegial
I discovered this blog via Twitter after answering a question about what we pack when flying with our children. Now, I’ve been sharing it with all my expat friends – I only wish it had been there when we first went overseas with our babies.
A great site for lots of resources for when you move overseas with your children including real-life examples from people who have already done it.
Clara W
A fascinating window into the world of an expat family.
Great site – hits the important issues around being an expat.
Tina Van Der Graaf
Here’s support for your lifestyle at your fingertips.
Jane L Crompton
A really great site with lots of useful information for anyone moving abroad with children.
This is a very informative, well-laid out site that is extremely useful for families that have moved to another country. Also, who better to give advice and information than someone who has been through it all? Fantastic!
Emma A
Fabulous blog written by a very talented lady whom I admire greatly!
I love Carole’s site, it’s super informative and helpful, Well done, Carole!
Katya Barry
Expatriate Foundation recently awarded Expatchild and blog the 2012 Annual Expatriate Distinguished Service Award – Please join us in congratulating a job well done. Continued Success!
Dr Rand Fandrich, Expatriate Foundation
Informative, engaging and insightful blog about relocating with children. Hats off to Carole!
Amanda Van Mulligen
Fabulous website – full of useful hints and tips, all written with humour and understanding by someone who really DOES know how you feel!
Violet F
Fabulous, witty and informative, love it!
Sarah B
Love! Informative & helpful. Sharing my desire to share & facilitate for families exploring the world.
Really informative and collaborative. I really enjoy following this blog.
Super. Full of so much useful information!
Joanne Kilby
This website is a fabulous resource, it’s reassuring, concise, informative and easy to navigate. Invaluable.
Excellent site, very informative and loads of very useful information.
Hugely informative, superbly laid out and great fun to read – a really useful resource.
A great read, and really helpful and informative.
I first ‘met’ Carole online when the earthquake struck Japan. We had recently moved to South Africa. Carole advised of the steps/mountains I would reach, in what order and when and what the next hurdle would be. She really helped me to understand the process of life as an expat.
Really helpful resource with something for everyone – from new expats to old ones (er, perennial expats!) I always pick up a helpful tip or three whenever I visit Carole’s site.
Full of great information that I really need as an expat with 3 kids. Informative, easy to navigate and all in all a fantastic site.
Donnalynn R
A great site for parents, relations of children everywhere, keep up the good work.
David Dunn
Super-helpful tips for parents navigating expat life.
She knows what she is writing about. Great resource for expat parents.
An excellent site for expatriate families everywhere. Useful articles on a wide range of topics, this blog is a very valuable resource for those raising Third Culture Kids.
As an expat who had children abroad but who expects to move on to pastures new this blog is a fascinating and useful resource for me!
Alexandra S
A great site with many things we can relate to!
Useful and informative. Will share this resource with all my colleagues.
Eliot Rudolph
Great site, very informative and mind broadening.
I love your site! So friendly and full of interesting and helpful articles.
Family Matters Life Coaching
What a great resource – great for expat families.
Elizabeth Reekie
This is a great site with great information.