Moving overseas with kids… make it fun in 5 easy steps

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5 steps to a fun relocation with kids

It is natural for parents to be concerned about the effect of an international move on their children, given the stress often associated with relocating. The good news is making international moving a positive experience is achievable and can even be fun!

Moving overseas with children should be made into an exciting adventure because after-all, it is. There are steps you can take to help alleviate your child’s fears, turning them into enthusiasm; it just takes a little thought and planning:

1) Keep it visual

If your children haven’t yet seen their new home, take a camera or video recorder with you when you visit the new country and neighbourhood. Capture footage or pictures of the new home, the child’s room, the school and parks nearby; some of the international foods and traditions, wherever you feel will be important to your child. Your children will enjoy looking through the photos and/or videos you bring back, helping them see the transition positively.

You can also use an interactive map to help them understand their new country and city surroundings. Show them the routes they will take to their new school, kinder etc. make it interesting and fun, highlighting with coloured pens and stickers.

Other activities include buying a disposable camera to take photographs on moving day. They will love being the reporter, snapping all the ‘action’. Once the relocation is complete and you’re settled in, aim to make time together to create ‘a moving story’ in their scrap book, journal or the family photo album.

2) Celebrate old and new beginnings

For older children, a move that involves leaving friends, sports teams and favourite hangouts behind can be particularly difficult. Help them say good-bye to friends by hosting a good-bye party. Emphasize how easy it is to keep in touch through e-mail, telephone and social media; you could even try giving each of your children an address book and make the party an opportunity for friends to write in their personal contact information.

3) Get creative

Allow your child’s creative flair to take control. Think about bringing home paint swatches so that your child can choose the colour of their new room. Make it into art project: Have them paste photos of their bed and furniture onto a sheet of construction paper to form the idea of what their new room will look like in their new home country.

4) Make a treasure box

Give your child their own packing carton that can be decorated with an array of stickers, paints and pictures and used for their favourite things. Ensure that this is small enough to place on the plane and travel with them to their new destination.

5) Get professional moving help

If you are prepared to invest a little more money, a relocation company is the answer to the perfect overseas transition. Their job is to assist you and your family settle into your new expat life. Wridgways moving services appreciates that moving across the world can be disruptive to children and teenagers. This is why we provide a VIP door-to-door moving service; so you can spend less time worrying about the packing, moving, housecleaning, car & pet transport and unpacking and spend valuable time with the children, ensuring their moving experience is fun! We even provide free colouring books to involve the kids, free checklists and moving advice.

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