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Online Coaching and Counselling for Expats

Life areas: Work & Career, Relationships, Personal Growth and Navigating Change

Online Coaching and Counselling for Expats

Masha Stefanovic is an NLP Coach and Clinical Psychologist, expat herself, helping expats make the most of their lives abroad. Her coaching style is integrative, addressing at depth any roadblocks clients may face, helping to create lasting and tangible change. Masha helps expats adapt to their new professional environment, deal with cultural shock, find new social networks or support their families adapt to their new life. She provides clients with personal growth tools and also helps them explore deeper existential questions.

Masha’s Coaching Philosophy

Embrace change

Change is inherent in life. Sometimes it comes from within, sometimes it’s imposed from outside. I truly believe that any BIG change or a life crisis, if approached mindfully, is an opportunity for immense growth and enrichment. This is why I love helping clients embrace change and reap the benefits and gifts it brings.

Fuel action with Insight

There are two sides to coaching, one more obvious than the other. The first, action-oriented side, deals with setting goals, strategies, finding resources and planning the steps. The second, introspection-oriented side, brings deep insights about often hidden internal blocks that can keep you from thriving and living up to your full potential. Both sides are essential.

Stretch your comfort zone

Coaching is an exciting process that allows you to decide how you show up in your life and how you wish to live. Life can be truly amazing when you dare to leave your comfort zone and let go of patterns and beliefs that hold you back. Coaching journey takes commitment, daring and radical self-honesty. If this is what you are looking for, I would love to support you every step of the way.

Masha offers a free 30-minute video sessions, to book yours here