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Harrow School Online

Their Education, Their Way, Online


Award-Winning Online School

Harrow School Online brings together the richness and heritage of a Harrow School education with leading online learning technology and teaching practices.

We are a fully online global sixth form, delivering an A Level education to young adults aged 16-18 preparing pupils for the world’s top universities and beyond, with rigorous academic studies combined with a diverse range of extra-curricular opportunities to develop character and foster friendships with peers across the world.

Developed in partnership with Pearson, the world’s learning company.

At Harrow School Online, pupils take responsibility for their learning.

Pupils work at home or the location of their choosing. They are in charge of their daily timetables, ensuring that they complete all required assignments and prepare appropriately for projects and examinations. Personalised attention and support helps them build these skills of initiative and self-management.

Pupils attend regular online meetings with their House tutor to help them set and achieve their academic goals, and they ask for help from their teachers whenever they need it. They have fortnightly meetings with a Success Coach in which they formulate plans for university and beyond, then work out what steps they need to take to make those plans a reality.

Online Learning

At Harrow School Online, our educational programmes are specifically designed for online learning to ensure that pupils are fully engaged in their learning and that teachers are equipped to bring out the best in every pupil.

Many schools had to quickly deliver learning online as a result of COVID-19. Harrow School Online is not a response to that situation, but a fully online learning experience designed before the pandemic, building on Pearson’s 20 years of expertise in online schools.

Pupils study from home, joining live taught lessons with expert teachers, in small class sizes with peers across the world. This is within the structure of a complete school programme that also includes the flexibility of self-paced learning, extracurricular activities, and a Success Coach to help keep pupils on track and thriving.

Academic Programme

Harrow School Online’s Sixth Form programme features Edexcel International A Level courses in Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish and Economics.

Our two-year online courses have been built for Harrow School Online by Pearson, a leader in the provision of British curriculum and qualifications. They present concepts in a way that is interactive and engaging, using video and text explanations alongside graphics, simulations and frequent checks of understanding. The self-study components of our courses are supported by live online lessons with their teachers, where pupils have the chance to discuss and practise what they have learnt.

Who the School is for?

At Harrow School Online, we take pride in the high standards that every pupil is expected to meet. Our purpose at Harrow School Online is not only to help pupils achieve academic excellence and fulfill their ambitions of attending the world’s top universities. We also seek to develop independent thought, intellectual curiosity and other qualities towards a life of leadership and personal fulfilment.

We welcome strong applicants with one or all of the following attributes:

– A committed pupil with good English (reading, writing, listening and speaking), a willingness to work hard and an ambition to be part of one of the world’s greatest institutions
– An elite athlete, musician, artist or performer, who finds it challenging to pursue their passion within a traditional school schedule
– A pupil whose individual style of learning is not well-suited to the traditional classroom and who would thrive in a more personalised setting
– Harrow School Online requires its pupils to be dedicated, focused and organised, and rewards them with an education like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions