The perfect way for removal customers and removal companies find each other

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Finding the right removal company for your European relocation

The purpose of this article is to introduce The RoadAhead which is an online marketplace that both removal companies and removal customers can use. The RoadAhead currently caters for removal customers who are moving anything throughout the UK and Europe. Removal Companies who operate in these areas can sign up and quote on removal jobs.

Below is some more information on how this works:

Removal companies

The RoadAhead team have designed a system that’s free to use for Removal Companies (how the website makes money will be explained below). A Removal Company doesn’t have to pay a monthly or annual subscription. Registering takes no time at all and once signed-up it’s possible to set-up a public profile.

The RoadAhead has some great features available for Removal Companies which include being able to load photographs that can be seen by customers, verifying the company by way of a secure system and having a main page where it’s possible to write a few words about what the company does. This can include how long a company has been in business, what bodies they are registered with and any accreditations that will help the profile.

It is also possible to set email alert preferences so The RoadAhead can email the company automatically of any new removal jobs they may be interested in. This stops unwanted emails and it’s much easier to find the jobs that pertain to the type of work a removal company does. Removal companies can also get quotes on their own jobs from other removal companies.

Removal customers

Removal customers can post their removal jobs and get quotes from rated removal companies for free. The website will never ask for additional fees. So as a removal customer, if a quote is received for say £100, then that’s all that is paid, ever! When you accept a bid, a small portion of this amount is paid as a deposit or fee to the website and the balance goes to the Removal Company.

Removal Customers can post a job within as little as 60 seconds by making use of the online quote form. Once the job is live, which takes seconds, the website automatically alerts all Removal Companies that may be interested in doing the job. The rest is up to the customer, the website has a secure messaging system and it’s very easy to see who has quoted and for how much.

The RoadAhead also has a great customer service department so anyone can speak to a real person just about anytime of day. This helps if a Removal Customer would like to know a little more about the Removal Company they think will be able to help with their move.

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  1. When my family and I moved back to the USA we hired Sasha who runs Savoir Faire Paris to help us with every aspect of the move. She was wonderful and I highly recommend her.

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