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Round-up: 5 of the most popular articles

Round-up: 5 of the most popular articles

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Expat resource round-up

It’s time for another round up of the five most read articles in recent weeks.

Baby with a pacifier or dummy Flying with a baby Plane journey with babyFrom the Journey category:

16 tips for surviving a flight with a baby: Useful tips to help you, and your fellow aeroplane passengers survive a flight with your baby.



Mum and daughter looking at a iPad. Best apps for expat childrenFrom the Language category:

The most useful apps for expat kids: A selection of apps to help your child learn languages, keep in touch and to keep them safe.



Friendship Book for kids on the move front coverFrom the Expat Resources category:

Help children to keep in touch with their friends: A friendship book for children on the move and created with expat kids in mind.



 Boarding an aeroplane, repatriation, returning home and reverse culture shockFrom the Returning Home category:

Repatriation and the reality of going home: A look at the difficulties of repatriation and reverse culture shock.



Culture shock graph with more informationFrom the Culture Shock category:

The culture shock graph: A look at the emotional ups and downs of relocating overseas and the cultural adaptation curve.




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