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Moving abroad with your children

Sensible and practical advice for parents by parents

Moving house is a huge step for anyone. Relocating to an entirely different country is an even more challenging experience. Once children are included in this adventure, anxieties can become overwhelming. Here at Your Expat Child you’ll find lots of straightforward information written in plain English to help ease any worries you may have.

From expat to expat

Pretty much everything on this site is written by expats for expats, both new and seasoned. We have our own expat children. We want your overseas relocation to be as smooth as possible for both parents and children. We welcome information and contributions from other parents of expat children, so please do get in touch. If you would like to share any advice and tips, and even personal stories, I’m more than happy to hear from you so please do contact me.

Look through the menus above for information about education overseas, learning a foreign language as a child and much more. You will find useful tips about planning and preparing for your journey and even what to take on the plane. For further inspiration and assistance, there is a hand-picked selection of resources in the Your Expat Child Relocation Resource Shop.

Discover more ways to find your way around ExpatChild here.

We all want our children to thrive as happy, successful and well-adjusted individuals – wherever in the world they happen to live.

We’ve been there and we have survived… and, most importantly, so have the kids!


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