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Tips on relocating overseas with children HSBC Expat Explorer screen shot

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Tips on relocating abroad with kids

Last week HSBC unveiled a new online portal to share advice on moving abroad.

Look what I’ve highlighted in the screen-shot above… yes, that’s me! Offering my top five tips on relocating overseas with children.

HSBC describes the new site as “a brand new online resource called HSBC Expat Hints & Tips written by expats for expats. The site has been curated from almost 20,000 individual tips from expats who took part in our annual Expat Explorer survey and expat bloggers over the past five years and features hundreds of helpful hints and tips about living and working abroad in over 50 countries.

You can pick and choose the ones that are most relevant to you, share them across your social networks and even download them and print them to make your own handy expat guide.

Please take a look and share this extremely useful information wherever you can. There are lots of great relocation and expat tips to discover.


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