Help children to keep in touch with their friends

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Friendship Book for kids on the move front cover

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A friendship book for children on the move

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be!

This is the slogan on a unique book designed specifically for children moving overseas.

When children move around, helping them keep in touch with their friends is vital to enable them to feel connected to their previous life. As well as helping them say goodbye to their home and family, it’s also a good idea to hold a leaving party for them.

Why not give them this unique and well-designed book as well to help smooth the transition?

Petra Houweling kindly sent me a copy of her ‘Friendship Book for kids on the move’ and I am very impressed with the quality of the publication. Large and colourful with plenty of space for lots of children to fill in their details, this would make an ideal book for a relocating child to pass around their class at school.

Friendship Book for kids on the move first page

Friendship Book, for kids on the move – the first page

Over to Petra to explain a bit more about this book.

In the summer of 2006, I moved with my husband and our two children from our home country of the Netherlands to Egypt. I had been working as an occupational nurse with Shell Health Services in The Hague, but in Egypt I decided to use some of my other skills and change career to become an illustrator and graphic designer. My work focuses on educational illustrations for children.

After five wonderful years, we left Egypt and returned to the Netherlands. Now we are home, once in a while my children come home from school with a friendship book. This is a book in which children’s friends write their personal details and answer fun questions about themselves – such as name, likes/dislikes, what they want to be when they grow up, favourite sports, movies and so on. The book gets passed from friend to friend to record their own story.

Influenced by the popularity of these books in the Netherlands, I decided to design something especially for expatriate children. My friendship Book is A4 in size, and prompts up to 37 children to answer (by writing and drawing) questions typical for children in an international environment, for example: “When I miss a friend, this is what I do….”

Friendship Book for kids on the move open pages

There is space for children to write how to say words and short phrases in their mother tongue (for example: “Hello”, “How are you”, and “This is cool!”), and children can also colour individual countries on a world map to show where they have lived.

Especially for children (age 6 – 12) who move to different locations during their school life, the book can serve as a wonderful keepsake for the future.

To view the Friendship Book and to order copies, please visit:

Friendship Book for kids on the move slogan

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