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Choosing the best education for expat children

As many of other challenges expats face when moving abroad, ensuring that the best possible education will be available for your children is not an easy task.

Every country’s education system is different. Choosing between sending your child to either a local or international school involves examining the benefits and disadvantages of each option in the new country you are moving to. Researching and planning in advance is essential to ensure the best education, and to manage financial expectations.

Moving to a foreign country often becomes a difficult transition for expat children who are unaccustomed to the new language; a main reason for expats who opt for International schooling options.

International schools offer children the opportunity to learn the native language while being immersed in the culture, alongside peers from many other countries. They can also broaden prospects for further studies abroad, as they provide pupils the opportunity to choose between a local university and one in a different country.

Looking for an International School?

We at Cigna Global specialise in international health insurance policies, ensuring the best care for expats worldwide – but we go a step further. We support expats in all the stages of their journey, including education!

It’s our mission to help expats like you to improve your well-being and sense of security, and we’ve been working to bring new resources to alleviate the challenge of moving and settling abroad.

We know that education is one more factor to secure your peace of mind, so we have launched the Cigna International Schools Finder – a unique, interactive map especially designed for expats to search, locate and find details of thousands of international schools across the world.

app to help you find international schoolsGive it a go!

  • Search by country – anywhere in the world!
  • Zoom in or out of any geographical area
  • Add schools to your ‘shortlist’ and compare your choices
  • Filter your results by different academic and curricular options
  • Find specific details for each school – website, contact details and quick facts!

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