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The top 5 posts on Your Expat Child

I thought it time for a little evaluation of what people are visiting on this expat resource website. These articles are the most popular, based on the number of people who have read them, not necessarily by the number of comments they’ve received. Aren’t analytics clever?! The most commented on posts are listed under ‘Most talked about’ on the right sidebar here.


Top ten best foreign languages to learn for business.From the Language category:

Top ten best languages to study – These are the most important and useful languages to study for business.



Culture shock, what is it and how can you deal with it.From the Culture shock category:

Culture shock – a condition that affects expats when they move overseas. Psychological and physical symptoms of culture shock.



One half of a couple doesn't want to move overseas; tug of war with a suitcaseFrom the Challenges category:

The reluctant expat – Not all overseas relocations are a welcome and exciting experience. What if you don’t want to relocate overseas?



Step out of your comfort zone: woman parachutingFrom the News and Articles category:

Step out of your comfort zone – What is your comfort zone? And how to get out of it!



Garbage bin with a globe in it; packed for international relocationFrom the Packing category:

Why did I pack THAT? – Was there anything you packed that you shouldn’t have when you relocated overseas? Some great ‘mishaps’ here!


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