Relocation Journal & Checklist

Planning your move abroad, easily and beautifully. Keeping you on track through the whole process.

Tbullet-journal-for-moving-househis relocation-focused Journal helps you organise the many lists of ‘things to do’ before you move.

As well as 240 high quality ivory pages, ruled and left blank for your to make your own lists and plans, there are pages of unique and customised guides to help you on your new adventure, including an all-important Moving Checklist.


bullet-journal-for-moving-abroad-front-coverYour Relocation Journal – The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist!

The durable hardback cover is a stunning soft-touch, calming green ‘vegan leather’ – truly, it’s incredibly tactile and it’s hard to stop touching it! A pen holder is attached so you can use your favourite pen to write your notes and at the back of the journal is an integrated expandable pocket to store those important papers and notes. A ribbon page-marker helps you find your way and a matching elasticated band keeps it all together.


What is the Moving Overseas Journal?

bullet-journal-for-relocation-inside-pagesThis journal is a planner, a to-do list, a diary, a notebook and a journal, all in one beautiful book. It’s a flexible system and an efficient way to organise all your tasks, information, and ideas in one place; something that’s really important in the chaos of moving. You can track day-to-day activities as well as long-term goals, and much more. The beauty of this system is the flexibility it affords you. You can rebel against the system and do it your way!

While there are guides and checklists included for you, this is your guide; let it work for you. Freedom and flexibility is the key – there’s no right or wrong way of using it.



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“It was from your newsletter late last year that I learnt about this whole bullet journal thing and, whilst it is very much ‘work in progress’, I’m feeling like I am on my way to being a lot more ‘sorted’ (and less stressed) with the mix of lists in books, post it notes and on my phone that I was using before.

Now we’ve got two active pre-schoolers and much more kit to manage and I want it to be a less stressful experience than the last move. And as we will be moving again in the next couple of years, I’ve bought TWO journals!

A serene green hardcover journal with a compass rose on the front, somewhere to hold a pen securely (and not lose it!), checklists and timelines to guide the relocation process (I’m already feeling more organised) and enough lines on one page to set up my ‘monthly log’ without squishing… the perfect journal to accompany any move, and life on either side of it!

Thank you!



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