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How You’ll Save Money With CurrencyFair

Managing your finances while moving countries can be a costly affair.

CurrencyFair can help you get the best exchange rates at no hidden costs while you transfer or exchange funds across borders.

CurrencyFair offers you better exchange rates as compared to a traditional bank and brokers, hence you save more on every currency transaction you make.

Since our inception we have exchanged over $4 billion and helped all our customers save over $150M.

Banks will typically charge you anywhere between a 2% to 4% exchange rate margin and a sending fee.

In contrast, CurrencyFair only charges:

  • A flat $4 transfer fee
  • An average exchange rate margin of 0.4%.

CurrencyFair’s exchange rates are set by customers. This, along with a flat fee and an upfront exchange rate, results in a level of transparency most other providers simply can’t offer (banks typically charge anywhere between 2% to 4%).

Be in control of your rates. By choosing quick trade, you are guaranteed the best rate available right now. If you want an even better exchange rate, simply nominate your preferred exchange rate looking for a match. This way, you can even beat the interbank rates – this is only possible with CurrencyFair!

Join now and get a fair exchange rate every time you transfer or exchange currencies.

We take pride in keeping our customers happy. Check out what they have to say about us.

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