Your school search overseas – Special Educational Needs

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Special Educational Needs abroad When you are moving abroad with children, choosing a school is difficult. If your child has special educational needs, this can be even more of a challenge. If you’re moving from the UK, the culture change can be a shock. Educational needs vary from country to country and often the quality […]

International schools – The best option for expats?

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Why choose an international school Education is one of the most important considerations when relocating with children. For those who want their children to mix with a diverse group and attain a more internationally recognised set of qualifications, international schools are the best option. However, there are many things to consider, as with any aspect […]

Home educate your expat child

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Homeschooling your expat child When you are an expat family with children, you want to ensure the best possible education options are available to you in your new home. Home-schooling can be a great option for those who are moving from country to country, or participating in volunteer work. It can also be more consistent […]

How to help your child with a change of school

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5 tips to help your child settle in a new school If you’re a parent moving overseas with your family, you’ve undoubtedly put your child first every step of the way – when deciding when to move, where to move, and if to move at all. Their educational transition is one of the most important […]

The physical effects of expat life

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The physiological effects of moving and living overseas Much is written about the psychological effects of expat life; culture shock, Expat Child Syndrome and much more. But it’s not just our emotions that go through a roller-coaster ride when we move and live abroad; our body can also be affected by the changes. Changes of […]

Living with uncertainty

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Planning for the unknown Moving abroad comes with uncertainty. Maybe it’s the company saying you might be posted overseas… but they don’t know for sure. Or maybe the uncertainty is that you will be posted overseas… but you don’t know when. Or you don’t know how long the posting will last… is there a set […]

Language learning and children

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How children learn a second language Years ago, it was thought that teaching your young child to speak more than one language at a time was confusing for them, even detrimental to their development. Thankfully, we’ve moved on in our understanding and now realise that the benefits of dual or multi-languages are multiple – and […]

The four key challenges new expats face

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Being an expat isn’t easy No one ever said that being an expat was easy; in fact, when you’re starting out, it’s about as far from the romantic ideal of a carefree life in the sun as you could possibly get. With so much to plan and organise it feels chaotic at best and disastrous […]

Make the most of where you are

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Grasping new opportunities Here are some ideas on how to make the most of where you’ve moved to. It’s easy to get caught in the idea that you can’t do what you used to do, can’t find where to participate in hobbies and activities you enjoyed before you moved. Perhaps the climate is too hot, […]

Where did everybody go?

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The Expat Summer Exodus. Why do they leave? When you decided to expatriate your home country and pursue a new opportunity abroad – when you said farewell to your loved ones and walked away (with a lump in your throat and a heavy heart), did you ever imagine that saying goodbye would become such a […]