Language learning and children

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How children learn a second language Years ago, it was thought that teaching your young child to speak more than one language at a time was confusing for them, even detrimental to their development. Thankfully, we’ve moved on in our understanding and now realise that the benefits of dual or multi-languages are multiple – and […]

The four key challenges new expats face

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Being an expat isn’t easy No one ever said that being an expat was easy; in fact, when you’re starting out, it’s about as far from the romantic ideal of a carefree life in the sun as you could possibly get. With so much to plan and organise it feels chaotic at best and disastrous […]

Make the most of where you are

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Grasping new opportunities Here are some ideas on how to make the most of where you’ve moved to. It’s easy to get caught in the idea that you can’t do what you used to do, can’t find where to participate in hobbies and activities you enjoyed before you moved. Perhaps the climate is too hot, […]

Where did everybody go?

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The Expat Summer Exodus. Why do they leave? When you decided to expatriate your home country and pursue a new opportunity abroad – when you said farewell to your loved ones and walked away (with a lump in your throat and a heavy heart), did you ever imagine that saying goodbye would become such a […]

Choosing a kindergarten or nursery for your expat child

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Choosing early years education overseas We’re often told that children who spend time in a nursery or kindergarten will develop better social skills, will learn more – and faster – will be better able to manage problems independently and will, all in all, become more rounded human beings. That’s all well and good if there’s […]

When you don’t want to move overseas

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What if you really don’t want to move abroad? Your partner has been offered this amazing job abroad, it will be fantastic for his career, the money is great and everyone thinks it’s really exciting except one person… You. What happens when you don’t want to move abroad? You don’t want to give up your career. […]

Flying with children

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 “Are we nearly there yet?” Let’s be honest – the first 3 or 4 times they ask this (usually accomplished within 30 minutes of take-off) is cute and quite funny. The 8th time (in an hour) is getting a little bit annoying and when you hit 15-20 times in 90 minutes it’s starting to seriously […]

How to tell your child you are moving abroad

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Preparing your children for an overseas adventure Moving overseas is a big decision – moving overseas when there are children involved is a massive and difficult one. You’ll be only too aware that you are taking them away from everything familiar and starting again in an alien environment, so you’ll worry about how they’ll cope. […]

Which school abroad?

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School options overseas When moving abroad with children, the main decision you will make is which school they will attend. This decision may also have a major impact on choosing where to live. And vice versa! Where you live may dictate which school your child goes to. For example, most international schools are located in […]

Jet lag in babies

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How to help your jet-lagged baby One of the biggest worries that any parent faces when moving home is how well the children are going to adjust to the changes. Any move is always going to be a bit disconcerting to a young child but moving abroad comes with its own unique set of challenges […]