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Expat life

What is expat life really going to be like?

Expat life is amazing. And expat life with children is a wonderful opportunity. It can also present some unique challenges. In fact, expat life without kids can often present the same challenges…


Expat life

Expat life – the highs and lows

Many people think you’re only an expat if you’ve permanently emigrated from your home country to some other place in the world. Here at ExpatChild, we prefer to include anyone who is living somewhere other than their native country, whether they are there for a few months, a year or for good.

What is expat life really like?
Living as an expat is an amazing way to experience other countries, cultures and people. You experience another side of a nation, something those on a couple of weeks’ vacation surely miss out upon. Yes, expat life can be tough at times, but overall it is incredibly rewarding.

Expat life with children can sometimes be complex and occasionally stressful (as life with kids often is, regardless of your location!). It can present some unique challenges. In fact, expat life without kids often presents the same challenges. On the other hand, kids are great at helping us meet new people and making us get on with things, even when we feel like crying into a large G & T instead.

As for the kids, living as expat children is nothing short of incredible. They will get more out of their time spent abroad than you could ever imagine.

The tough bits of expat life
As much as we love expat life, there are times when we wonder what on earth we are doing. Expat life doesn’t always go according to plan. Something that would be simple ‘at home’ can seem insurmountable when you’re dealing with a new language and different procedures. Have you ever tried buying medicine for a stomach upset from a Japanese pharmacy? That’s fun…! Day to day life, from grocery shopping to finding a doctor, is harder when you live overseas. ExpatChild acknowledges this and helps you move through the challenges.

Issues are unique, confusing and often hard work to sort out, which is why ExpatChild has put together some amazing articles on expat life to help you prepare and cope with many of the common issues you will face.


The realities of expat life

There is a myth about expat life that every day is a holiday; perfect, with cocktails on the beach, sunny weather, no stress and happy, smiling people everywhere.

Us expats know better though. Expat life is simply life, but in another country. The grass isn’t necessarily greener – it’s just different grass. And there are a multitude of unique challenges each day.


What to expect in your first few weeks of expat life


Jet Lag

Expats learn to live with jet lag! Tips on how to cope


Culture shock

How culture shock can affect you and your children



Expat friendships are special, but can be hard to find


Keeping in touch

Plan how to keep in touch with your friends and family



A common emotion which can strike at any time



Expat life doesn’t always go well. Some issues you may encounter


Health & well-being

Staying happy and healthy in your new country


Safety & security

Staying safe overseas


Personal stories

Expats share their experiences


Visiting home

Coping with visits home



Moving back home


Reverse culture shock

A surprise for most repats


ExpatChat Group

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Expat Directory

Resources for expats


All articles

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Plan & Prepare

Plan and prepare well for your new life abroad

Expat education

How to choose a school overseas for your child

Expat Kids

Information to help your expat child whatever their age

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