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Links to personal expat blogs

The most useful and interesting way to find out what it’s like living in a new country is to read all about it from those already living there!

On this page I list some links to personal expat blogs, ordered by country. Through these blogs you can find out more about specific countries you may be relocating to. Please keep checking back as I will continue to add to this page as frequently as I can.

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Tanzania flagExpat blogs – Africa (Tanzania)


Amisadai and Louisa’s Adventures in Africa

Amisadai and Louisa Monger are aged 9 and 7. In 2010, they moved to Tanzania in Africa. They hope you will enjoy reading about their fascinating adventures and looking at their lovely photos


Australian flagExpat blogs – Australia


The Plunge Down Under

An American, married to a Canadian, living in Australia with four children ages 6 to 14. This is our fourth (and hopefully last) country since our marriage.

The View Down Under

Expat life in Australia by Sharon and Adam. Sharon is known for her cat-like reflexes. A Gemini by birth and choice, she enjoys fruit, exercise, and irony. Adam is regarded as one of the leading philologists of this era. He is unafflicted by any known allergies and does not play the tuba.


Bali flagExpat blogs – Bali


How to escape

Rachel is a UK expat who lives in Bali with her Balinese husband. They have two young children and live with her husband’s family in a traditional Balinese compound in a little village just outside Ubud.


Flag of BelgiumExpat blogs – Belgium


BXL Sprout

My name is Sandra and I’m the mama of 2 beautiful, active boys born in 2009 and 2012. I’m a Portuguese-American living in Brussels, Belgium since August 2006. This blog is the tale of an expat going into parenthood in Brussels. I write about having a baby and parenting as an expat in Belgium, multilingualism, multiculturalism and a whole lot more.


Canadian flagExpat blogs – Canada



I’m Aisha Ashraf, currently in Canada with my husband and three children, I’ve crossed geographical, cultural & religious borders in a life that reads like an Amazon bestseller.

Jelly to a Tree

I’m an English woman married to an Irish man living in Quebec, Canada. Confused? Yeah, I spend pretty much every day trying to figure it out. Trying to sort out the mess that is in my head is like nailing jelly to a tree, so grab a drink and generally don’t try to make sense of anything. Seriously, it’s not worth trying.

Not your ‘average’ expat blog – I’ve been asked to warn you about to possibility of encountering swearing, off-the-wall observations and occasional horrors! But this is an extremely funny blog about life.


Flag of ColumbiaExpat blogs – Columbia


Bitter Sweet Expat Family Life

I am a German Mom living in Bogota, Colombia. As most of the blogs are in English, I write mine in German.


Expat blogs – Croatia


Chasing the Donkey

A mum & wife, now Australian expat. I packed up my very typical Aussie life in May 2013 and shifted it along with my Croatian Husband and Son to rebuild the old house we inherited in Croatia & make it our home.


Danish flagExpat blogs – Denmark


Life in Denmark

If you are planning to move to Denmark, are already in Denmark or just interested in the country, my blog is for you. I share my experiences in Demark. I write about Denmark, its traditions, its people, document issues and many other things. Feel free to read my blog, comment there, ask for support or just chat. I love chatting!


Expat blogs from France French flagExpat blogs – France


Nikki McArthur – A Mother in France

For an honest, down to earth view of what it’s really like to live as an Expat family in France, covering topics like language learning, pregnancy, local customs, health, schools etc. Nikki shares her varied experiences as a family of seven coping with the highs and lows of their lives in France.

American Mom in Bordeaux

We are a Franco-American family living in France having moved from the US about 18 months ago. Even though my husband is French, he spent the last 25 years in the US and our children were all born in the US and consider themselves Americans first! My blog is about our life in France.


Personal blogs from GermanyExpat blogs – Germany


Bavarian Sojourn

Emma left the UK for Copenhagen in 2009, with her ever-patient husband and two small children. Having enjoyed a couple of years of life in Scandinavia, Emma and her family found they enjoyed expat life so much that they now reside in Munich – where the pace of life is relaxed, her language skills are small, and the mountains and bier halls are very large.


We come a little bit from the US, Ireland, Austria with some England and Scotland thrown in, and live in Hamburg, Germany now, my third home country. My blog is about our life and particularly now, since Baby arrived, what it is like to raise a child in a foreign country, and life in a multilingual, multicultural family.

Out and About in Europe

American expat living in Munich and travelling around Europe with children.

The Piri Piri Lexicon

We are a Luso-Franco-Geordie family living in Germany. We blog about culture, travel, food and expat life but mostly about language and multilingualism. I used to be a researcher in linguistics and am interested in everything that is language-related.

The Wander Weg

My name is Judi Fox. I started this blog because my family moved from the US to Germany in July 2012. This blog is just like a hiking trail through the forests of Germany – I am not sure where it will take us, what sights we will see, and what experiences we will have, but it will be an adventure.

World Traveling Military Family

An expat blogger with 3 kids & a Westie. We have lived in Iceland, & Japan and are currently living in Germany.


Indian flagExpat blogs – India



A Greek-Norwegian family living in Mumbai, India, juggling life with expat teens.


I moved to South India in 2011 for an expat adventure with husband and daughter. Hoping to spend some lovely time together & see a bit of the world whilst on a career break – also a chance to finish off all those knitting & stitching projects… Now we have another daughter and we’re living in Bombay…

An English Woman in Mumbai

I’m an English sound engineer and writer working in Mumbai (and beyond). I live with my two year old daughter and Indian partner when not travelling around with my crazy job.


Indonesian flagExpat blogs – Indonesia


Expatria, Baby

Expatria, Baby explores the lighter side of tri-cultural parenting. It’s the story of a sleep-deprived Canadian mother and her Swiss passport holding, Japanese born, Indonesian dwelling, tempeh scarfing daughter who galavant across Asia weaving tales of adventure through images and words.

Stumble Abroad

We are a family of 4 currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. This blog is about life . Life as an expat in the Big Durian. Life as a stay at home wife who loves to bake, craft, decorate the house and host parties. Life as a mom to two boys who’s learning that cars and trains and (gulp) dirt are fun. It’s about life, our life and the wonderful people we share it with.


Irish flagExpat blogs – Ireland


The Waltons Go Irish

We moved two kids, a couple of pets and a lot of stuff from our home in Ontario, Canada to our new home in South Co. Dublin, Ireland.


Expat blogs – Morocco

medina solitaire

I record observations of an expat life (Morocco currently) with a goal of writing prose with a purposefully edgier style – as opposed to itineraries and selfies – my wife illustrates.

Personal expat blogs from The NetherlandsExpat blogs – Netherlands


The Expat Chronicles

What started off as a 2 year move to Barcelona, 5 years later has turned into a multi-national move as we now head to Amsterdam, the Netherlands for our next adventure!

European Mama

My name is Olga Mecking. I am a Polish woman living in the Netherlands with her German husband and almost three children! I blog about raising multilingual children, being an expat, living in the Netherlands, and parenting- in short whatever comes to my mind.

Expat Life With a Double Buggy

I am a Brit living in the Netherlands, raising three little boys with my Dutch husband. I live in a cultural void between being British and Dutch and that makes parenting interesting. Expat Life with a Double Buggy is my tale of mothering abroad, the ups, the downs and all the bits in-between of parenting in a foreign country.

Expat Since Birth

I’m an expat-since-birth multilingual mum in her forties, living in the Netherlands with her Swissgerman husband, son and twin-daughters. I blog about being expat, parenting, twins and multilingualism.

John the Sketch

Daily cartoons and jokes about the expat life in Amsterdam.

The Three Under

Written by Farrah, a mom of three boys under 4 (twins + 1) she writes about trying to survive in her expat family without offending the entire EU. They’re basically their own fraternity. From South Carolina, USA. So they miss the sun. A lot.


Nicaraguan flagExpat blogs – Nicaragua


Crazy Parents in Nicaragua

Two Canadians who decided to take early retirement, move to Nicaragua and volunteer. They blog to help other expats in their research to move to and live in Nicaragua.



 Expat blogs – Oman

The Duncan Adventures

I am a wife, mother and blogger originally from the UK and now living in the Sultanate of Oman. My page is all about our family, living the expat life in Oman and the weird things that life can throw at us.


Portuguese flag

Expat blogs – Portugal

Conversations with Hank

Midwestern American blogger living in the north of Portugal. My blog is a collection of our family’s conversations because I wanted my family and friends back home to have a growing picture of my son, Hank’s, personality while he was growing up an ocean away.


Sarawak flagExpat blogs – Sarawak


Ersatz Expat

I am a 30 something global soul, a perpetual expat.  I was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch/Irish Family.  Since then I have lived in Norway, Nigeria, Turkey and Venezuela.  I went to school and university in the UK and settled there for some years, married an English man and had very normal English life for a while.  Then we decided to have an adventure and took our children and the dog to live abroad, firstly  in Kazakhstan and now Sarawak.


Flag of SpainExpat blogs – Spain


Big Lovely Day

The blog is a personal diary but is also intended as an informative guide for other families living or visiting here. It’s a guide to creating your own “big lovely days” in Andalucia


I am a first-time, full-time mum to Bibsey (born in Spain, Spring 2010) living up a mountain in Andalucía and blogging about it. My blog gives what I hope is a mostly entertaining perspective on life for an expat mummy in Spain. I believe there is no such thing as too much information so there may occasionally be a word or two on constipation, bowel movements and piles.

Guiri Girl in Barca

My name is Julie Sheridan, and I’m a native Scot who upped sticks in April 2011 and headed to the Catalan capital. To help me make sense of my new world, I’ve created this blog as a place to share musings, observations, stories, experiences, and no doubt the occasional rant.

Wagoners Abroad

An American family of 4, living in Spain, embracing the world, sharing our experiences and hoping to inspire.

Family Life in Spain


Swedish flagExpat blogs – Sweden



Daniel Reed, a twenty something from the UK now living in Stockholm, Sweden. This blog is all about my experience living in Sweden and a blog for expats planning to move or who already live here. I write about the lifestyle, culture and happenings from my experience in Stockholm.


Swiss flagExpat blogs – Switzerland


Weaving In and Out

A blog about moving from the US to Switzerland and all the trials and tribulations involved. I am married with three kids (8,11,13). I was a high school guidance counselor and feel a bit set adrift.


Taiwan flagExpat blogs – Taiwan


Raising TCKs

I’m MaDonna Maurer. After graduating from college I moved to Asia to teach at an international school. It was there that I met my German TCK husband. We have three TCKs: My son Ge Ge, my daughter Jie Jie with a genetic disorder (Cri-du-Chat), and my adopted daughter Mei Mei. I call us the “Fusion Family!”


Thailand flagExpat blogs – Thailand


Crazy Little Family Adventure

My name is Orana and I have a blog about our Peruvian/Argentinian family living in Thailand. We have three kids, a teenager, a toddler and a baby. Our toddler, Astor loves exploring and never tires of seeing new things. He loves going to the Grand Palace to see the Angkor Wat model, and our teenager loves the malls and taking pictures.


UAE FlagExpat blogs – UAE


Circles in the Sand

Based in the glittering emirate of Dubai, I’m an editor, mother, sun worshiper, A380 pilot’s wife and distracted housewife surrounded by souks, skyscrapers, shopping, sea and sand.


USA flagExpat blogs – USA


YP’s World

I’m an Austrian expat in the US, married to a lovely German man, a mom of two little girls and a hobby photographer.

Mommy Has A Headache

Emma is a displaced Londoner now living in the States with her two little girlies and long suffering husband. Her mom’s an Austrian, her dad’s a Brit, which makes her a Britaustrian, or possibly an Austrish! Emma is also the author of Cocktails at Naptime: A Woefully Inept Guide to Early Motherhood – the book that has saved many a new mum’s sanity!


Expat blogs

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