What to consider when choosing a removal company

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Choosing an international removal company

Elliot Myers, the Customer Relocation Specialist for Best Global Movers answers your moving concerns below.

Professionally pack your items and use a removal quote comparison site to find the safest removal company to transport your items.

Will my possessions be safe?

You should have your items professional packaged by the removal company and this often enough means your possessions are insured. It will mean less boxes as professional packers will make space out of thin air, meaning your move will cost less!

Professionally packing your items will greatly reduce the risk of breakages or anything going missing, you’ll have a tidy, organised box to unpack when you arrive at your new destination.

Pick a company that protects your items

When speaking to a removal company you need to quiz them on how they handle your possessions, only then can you be sure they will guard your items.

  • Ask them if they insure your possessions during transit.
  • Ask them what they do to avoid boxes/containers going missing.
  • Ask them what their item loss rate is.

If you use a service like Best Global Movers, you’ll have multiple companies to quiz and it will be easier to decide which company best suits your needs.

How do I find the best removal company?

In Brief: Look for trade body logos, testimonials and get a quote through a comparison site to find the best company.

There are thousands of removal companies to choose from and all promise to be the best which isn’t true, some will be better than others but how do you know who to trust.

Look for the IAM logo

International Association of Movers logoIAM stands for International Association of Movers and any company with this logo is guaranteed to have world class service and an above average track record of safely delivering items.

Looks for testimonials

Past customer testimonials are a safe way of judging how honest a removal companies claim to being the best is true. Keep an eye out for long reviews that are a few lines and not just a sentence as they are a better measuring stick.

Use a comparison site and ask the companies

Finding and call hundreds of removal companies isn’t practical, so use services like Best Global Movers to quickly find removal companies. You’ll then have them contact you and you can have a chat about why they are good and judge for yourself.

Quick answers to other concerns

How long until my items arrive?

Ask your removal company for an accurate date as this will vary depending on the type of transit, typically if your move is a few months away your items can arrive just as you do.

Will my possessions be insured?

If you have them professionally packed than they should be, removal companies will typically insure your items during transit. Be on the safe side and ask.

I need to move my pet/car/priceless item. Is this possible?

Of course! Just ask your removal company and they will arrange for a specialist to move them.

How do I prepare for my move?

Get a quote on a move first, at least 2 months before you need to move, to give you time to consider offers, if you’re using Best Global Movers this will be simple.

Start to throw out any clutter and anything you don’t need to bring with you, it’s important to only pack what’s important to reduce the cost of the move.

What is the best way to pack a box?

Don’t! Let the removal company professionally pack your boxes. If you do insist on doing it yourself, don’t over pack them, fill spaces and the edges with bubble wrap and seal them tightly.

How do I survive the first few days?

After a long stressful move the last thing you want to be doing is searching through boxes to find a tooth brush. Pack a first day box with essential items for you to access easily on day one.

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4 Comments on “What to consider when choosing a removal company”

  1. I like the article’s suggestion to look at customer testimonials when choosing a furniture removal company. It seems like this would be a good way to help you decide whether or not you want to work with that company. Another tip I’ve heard is really helpful is to get referrals from friends or family members about what company to go with.

  2. Fantastic information. I am going to move to new city. I am so glad that I found your article. I love your tip not to pack your boxes and let the moving company to do this.There are people who are professionals. Thank you for sharing! Greets!

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