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Returning home

Going… home?

Expat child layers of life influence Spinning Tornado

In response to the articles about of self-harm in TCKs and expat teens, Rianne wrote the succinct and perceptive comment on the subject that I published here. In her comment she linked to a paper she wrote on the subject ... Read More »

Planning a visit home

Expat planning a visit home Chess pieces surround a pawn

Living Overseas: Planning a visit home If you’re living overseas and planning a visit home, then there are lots of practicalities which should be taken into consideration when planning your visit. These considerations are the topic of today’s post. Where ... Read More »

Repatriation and the reality of going home

Boarding an aeroplane, repatriation, returning home and reverse culture shock

Repatriation can be more difficult than expatriation Having successfully moved a family abroad, the idea of the return journey can seem like a relatively straightforward one. It is common for those returning home to think it will be easier to ... Read More »

First visit home after relocating overseas

A framed picture of the words home sweet home. Visiting your home country when you live an expat life overseas.

Visiting home after moving abroad That first visit back to your home country after relocating overseas can raise a mass of emotions and is often approached with mixed feelings. While you look forward to seeing your family and friends again, ... Read More »

Top tips for emigrating with children

Child looking our an aeroplane window. Relocating overseas with children.

Moving abroad with children can be a daunting task On the other hand, it can be one of the most exciting experiences of your lives and open up a whole new world of opportunity. In this time of globalisation, the ... Read More »