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Returning home

Planning to move back home

Road sign saying The Beginning

Plan to repatriate Moving back to your home country isn’t as easy as you’d expect. People have repeatedly told me that repatriation shock, or reverse culture shock, is harder to deal with than adjusting to a foreign culture in your ... Read More »

Why I am scared to go back to America

Returning to America Plane landing in sunset

Living the overseas dream I admit it. I really wasn’t all that afraid to pack my entire life, my family’s lives, and all our memories, into 28 suitcases. There was a great excitement that accompanied our 30 hour flight to ... Read More »

An expat child has many layers of influence

Model of the Bronfenbrenn's ecological systems theory. Picture courtesy of beststart.org

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory This was mentioned in Rianne Cornelisse’s paper about how expat children adapt when returning home. What is the theory of Bronfenbrenner all about? In this model the child is the centre of its own system. The ... Read More »

How an expat child experiences life in their home country

Expat child layers of life influence Spinning Tornado

In response to the articles about of self-harm in TCKs and expat teens, Rianne wrote the succinct and perceptive comment on the subject that I published here. In her comment she referenced a paper she wrote on the subject of ... Read More »

Planning a visit home

Expat planning a visit home Chess pieces surround a pawn

Living Overseas: Planning a visit home If you’re living overseas and planning a visit home, then there are lots of practicalities which should be taken into consideration when planning your visit. These considerations are the topic of today’s post. Where ... Read More »