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Relocating overseas with your pets

Relocating overseas with pets

Moving overseas with pets Boy with a dog & suitcase

Can you take your pet when you move abroad? Moving overseas with your pets isn’t as difficult as you might think. Unless there are concrete reasons why your pet can’t move with you, it’s something you should really consider. Children ... Read More »

How does your lovely pet feel abroad?

Silver tabby cat playing with a toy Taking cat abroad

m4s0n501 Take your pet overseas with you! How much do you love your pet? Are you ready to take you pet with you abroad if you have a chance to do it? Are you ready to go through all the ... Read More »

Moving pets to South Africa

Japanese Shiba Inu moving pets to South Africa

While this is probably best suited to my personal blog, the information contained here might be useful to someone else at some point, so I’ve added this to the main website. We’re moving to Pretoria, South Africa very soon. Our ... Read More »

Keep your pet safe during relocation

Family lying on the grass with a dog

Keep your pet safe and secure during the key points of your overseas relocation to smooth the transition for all of you. Keep your pet safe on packing day Consider having someone else look after your pet on moving day. ... Read More »