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Be prepared for emergencies

Ambulance and man on a stretcher

As an expat arriving in a new country there are so many new things to learn and organise you may forget something extremely important; something that could actually be a matter of life or death. How to contact the emergency ... Read More »

Security in South Africa

Sign post with hi-jacking hot spot written on it

m4s0n501 Crime in South Africa I was all too aware of the many crime issues in South Africa prior to us moving here – we couldn’t escape the doom-laden tales from the media, friends and colleagues. Interestingly, the most negative ... Read More »

Living through Hurricane Andrew

Hurricane Andrew on August 23 at approximately 1231 UTC. This image was produced from data from NOAA-12, provided by NOAA.

Hurricane Andrew, Miami, 1992 Hurricane Andrew was a destructive tropical cyclone that was, at the time, the costliest hurricane in United States history. An account of a Peruvian expat woman and her 14 year old daughter (me!) home alone during ... Read More »

Emergency evacuation after a disaster

Blurry picture of crowds of people Emergency evacuation from Islamabad after the bomb 2008

After the Islamabad Marriott Hotel bombing 2008 Continuing the story from the previous post… Emergency evacuation So within moments of hearing the noise of the bomb blast, then putting on the television and realising the extent of the atrocity, we ... Read More »

Coping with a disaster while living overseas

The Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan shortly after a massive truck bomb detonated just outside the entrance on September 20, 2008 photo by Jawad Zakariya

Islamabad 2008 “That was a bomb. A big one” It was a sound I will never forget. At the time, I didn’t know what it was – a sort of wumph – but my husband later told me it was ... Read More »