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Culture shock

Expat culture shock

John Tenniel's illustration of Alice meeting the Dodo in Wonderland Culture shock

Culture shock and reverse culture shock If you’ve never experienced culture shock, try imagining that you are Alice in Lewis Carroll’s books, ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and ”Through the Looking-Glass”. They provide perfect descriptions of the many emotions that swirl ... Read More »

Expat child anxieties

Unhappy expat child Sad teenage girl

m4s0n501 “I am an expat child and I don’t like it” Originally published as two articles in October 2012, now condensed into one with tips on how to help your expat child overcome anxieties and problems. This Google search term ... Read More »

Renaming culture shock

Two cute kittens in a fish bowl.

It’s not ‘culture shock’! Now that I have been in the midst of {Culture Shock} for 8 months – I can confidently say we need to change this label. The words culture shock don’t really convey what is actually happening. ... Read More »

Culture shock in children

Toddler girl covering her eyes culture shock in children

On the whole, most children are more resilient to change than adults. However, culture shock can strike children in its own special way. Depending on your child, you may have different experiences of course, and your child will indicate culture ... Read More »

Dealing with culture shock

Three women friends taking a photo of themselves. Make new friends to help cope with culture shock.

Coping with culture shock Culture shock can be debilitating. As I mentioned previously, culture shock tends to hit the non-working partner harder than other members of the family. It’s harder because the one who’s working has an instant ‘life’ through ... Read More »