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How to help your expat teen cope with moving


How to help your teenager relocate overseas Being a teenager can be wonderful and testing at the same time. Being an expat teenager can bring additional blessings and challenges. Expat teens go through the natural developmental challenges of adolescence while ... Read More »

An expat teen in trauma

Teen boy wearing a hoody looking angry or depressed

A mother’s love This is for all expatriates who are struggling as they parent a teen in trauma. It doesn’t matter that statistics quote 25% of teenagers self-harm. When it’s your teen, it becomes personal. It adds to the crisis ... Read More »

Help for parents of expat teens in crisis

Expat teen crisis Woman with her head in her hands and looking stressed and upset

Advice for parents of teens who self harm What helps us as parents live through a teen trauma and crisis journey? Here’s what I learned: 1. Don’t isolate yourself. It’s easy to do, especially if you don’t know people. You ... Read More »

Perception on teens in crisis

Sad girl crying on phone Expat teen crisis self harm

Self-harm is a coping strategy, not the problem itself Another comment on the TCK Problems article was very insightful and could be of use to others experiencing mental health problems concerning their expat child. Rianne Cornelisse wrote the following: As ... Read More »

Expat relationships are not ‘normal’

Expat relationships Life Woman in a bubble with a man looking in from outside

TCK problems – a response As I mentioned previously, I had numerous responses to an anonymous article I published on behalf of the mother of a self-harming expat child. Below I publish the considered and supportive email received from Imogen ... Read More »