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Pre-teens: 9-12 year olds

Expat relationships are not ‘normal’

Expat relationships Life Woman in a bubble with a man looking in from outside

TCK problems – a response As I mentioned previously, I had numerous responses to an anonymous article I published on behalf of the mother of a self-harming expat child. Below I publish the considered and supportive email received from Imogen ... Read More »

The darkside of expat life

Hug between wooden models Anonymous support TCK problems

The silent subject There is a dark undercurrent to expat life that rarely, if ever, gets talked about. I think it’s time to bring it gently into the open because by discussing it people will be more realistically prepared and ... Read More »

Jet lag and children

Jet lag Woman awake in bed looking at alarm clock

Jetlag: Sleepless from Seattle This space is mostly about a family living life abroad and the joys of traveling with children. But anyone who has done it, knows that there are a few obstacles to overcome when you decide to ... Read More »

My own expat kid

A child's hands holding a globe. Parenting global nomads, expatriate children and third culture kids. Expat education.

Are expat kids happy? This post is a little different from the normal articles I put on this site. Mainly because it is personal, but I feel it’s relevant to Expat Child as it deals with questions we ask ourselves ... Read More »

Jet lag in older children

Girl sleeping on a colourful cushion

Don’t forget to look after yourself so you’re able to care for your kids to the best of your jet lagged ability. This post explains how jet lag affects our bodies. Jet lag in older children Plenty of daylight, fresh ... Read More »