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Babies & toddlers

How to find a good babysitter for your expat kids

Babysitter playing with toddler

How to find child care in your new country One of the most difficult things, when you arrive anywhere new, is finding a babysitter. This is difficult enough in your home country. I used to struggle to find suitable babysitters ... Read More »

Abroad and confused

Close up of a small child hugging mum and looking anxious

m4s0n501 Helping kids understand relocation “When will our bunk beds arrive?” asked a curious 3-year-old after a few days of vacation in Spain. We looked at her with an enquiring “Huh?” – Then it hit us. You see, we had ... Read More »

Learning resilience from my expat American toddler: Part 2

An expat toddler develops her own style

How an expat child deals with transition In Part 1 of Learning resilience from my expat toddler, I talked about the difficult transition my daughter had when we moved from Los Angeles to Belgrade. My chatty English-speaking socialite had to ... Read More »

Learning resilience from my expat American toddler: Part 1

An expat kid's view of Belgrade

How an expat child deals with transition To say my two-and-a-half year old daughter’s transition from Los Angeles to Belgrade was difficult would be an understatement. I have to give the gal some credit; she turned two, and life got ... Read More »

Happy travels with young children: Part 3

Smiling mum and boy reading a book. Flying with children. Keeping children entertained on a plane journey.

Steps to happy travels with young children (no matter how long the flight) Shelby continues her invaluable tips for surviving long distance flights with young children; keeping the kids happy and retaining your sanity. Read her introduction here and discover ... Read More »