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Surviving summer and the expat exodus

Children in a swimming pool with inflatables Create your own summer fun during the expat exodus

How to enjoy being ‘home’ without going ‘home’ Summer, the time of the year where the biggest event in the expat community takes place: the Expat Exodus. What is the Expat Exodus? Almost everybody takes advantage of the school holidays ... Read More »

How to find a good babysitter for your expat kids

Babysitter playing with toddler

How to find child care in your new country One of the most difficult things, when you arrive anywhere new, is finding a babysitter. This is difficult enough in your home country. I used to struggle to find suitable babysitters ... Read More »

How to help your expat teen cope with moving


How to help your teenager relocate overseas Being a teenager can be wonderful and testing at the same time. Being an expat teenager can bring additional blessings and challenges. Expat teens go through the natural developmental challenges of adolescence while ... Read More »

Expat child – a gift or a curse?

who am I Emotional impact on moving overseas TCK Expat child Woman in a mask

The emotional impact of a move abroad At the age of seven I moved to Nigeria with my parents. Looking back, this move and the many moves that followed have had a huge impact on me as a person. I ... Read More »

An expat child has many layers of influence

Model of the Bronfenbrenn's ecological systems theory. Picture courtesy of beststart.org

Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory This was mentioned in Rianne Cornelisse’s paper about how expat children adapt when returning home. What is the theory of Bronfenbrenner all about? In this model the child is the centre of its own system. The ... Read More »