Leap Year traditions around the world

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February 2016 calendar Leap Year

Weird and wonderful Leap Year customs So this year, 2016, we get a whole extra day to enjoy our travels, our adventures and our families. How exciting is that? The extra day in February comes but once every four years, and is designed to accommodate earth’s precise revolutions around the … Read More

Chinese New Year

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Chinese new year objects. dragon, fan, oranges, red envelopes

Chinese New Year – 2015 the Year of the Goat (or Sheep!) With the Western festive season well and truly over, January and February can seem dull, grey and depressing in comparison. But there is something else to look forward to: the Chinese New Year. Based on a combination of … Read More

Christmas abroad

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Merry Christmas

How to experience Christmas overseas Christmas is swathed in cultural and family tradition so living overseas can mean a very different Christmas experience for you! Cultural differences Having spent Christmas in both America and Australia I know Christmas can differ wildly from country to country. Christmas is all about the … Read More

The history of Halloween

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Halloween items, pumpkin, bats, spiders webs & Trick or Treat bag

What is Halloween? Halloween is an American holiday exported from Ireland and now imported back into Europe! Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of … Read More

Thanksgiving: a potted history

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Thanksgiving Table with food and decoration

What is Thanksgiving? I had to ask on Facebook what Thanksgiving is all about as I’ve never been entirely sure! So Jane kindly wrote this to help me and inform those of you who are unaware of the history behind this time of feasting in the U.S. I realise this … Read More

Easter traditions and origins

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Easter traditions; easter eggs, easter bunny

What is Easter? Although the Easter weekend is the principal religious feast of the Christian year, most of its traditions actually have no basis in Christianity at all. In fact, the Jewish festival of Passover is more closely linked to Easter by dates and symbolism. Passover, also known as Pesach, … Read More

Mother’s Day around the world

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Young girl and her mum with a bouquest of flowers for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – a global tradition Mother’s Day is commemorated worldwide although the dates differ from country to country. For example, Mother’s Day in Norway is the second Sunday in February while in Mexico it’s always on May 10th. In Spain it falls on the first Sunday in May, in … Read More