Expat parenting

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Happy expat family of four having a picnic

Adjusting to family life abroad How does parenting as an expat differ from parenting at home? Just as the three rules of real estate are location, location and location, the three rules of parenting, most would agree are love, love and love. We may differ as to how we express … Read More

Is India for you?

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Multicoloured dishes of powders and spices from India

Five things you should know about India It’s hot! This may not come as a surprise, but India is a very hot country, especially during the summer months. Because of this, a lot of tourists choose to travel there during the winter and spring, in order to miss out on … Read More

Learn to code in the UK this summer

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Young coders working on a robot

Bring your kids up to code Tech is no longer just for geeks; it’s an incredible, creative space where the sciences and arts collide. You may have heard about the ‘digital skills gap’ and the need to put digital literacy at the heart of education. Such arguments are well-grounded although … Read More

Making money transfers

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various currency notes and coins

International money transfers made easy Moving to a different country, although exciting, is a whirlwind of different decisions and considerations. From deciding what to bring, what flight to take, how many bags to pack, where you’re going to stay, and getting all the documentation in order, your proverbial plate is … Read More

How US expat taxes impact your family abroad

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Broken piggy bank with dollar notes showing

Top 4 things families moving abroad should know about US expat taxes When you move your family overseas, there are dozens (hundreds!) of things to consider. But one of the most important considerations often goes undetected: US taxation. So let’s take a look at the 4 most important things you … Read More