How to combat jet lag – Infographic

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woman relaxing on holiday looking at a plane

Jet lag demystified Did you know that there is an ‘anti-jetlag’ diet? I didn’t! See the infographic below for more information. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

How long does jet lag last?

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Lots of clocks set to different time zones. How long to recover from jet lag.

What is jet lag? Jet lag is a consequence of travelling over numerous time zones very quickly. Your body takes a few days to catch up from its natural time to the time in your destination. Jet lag recovery time How long it takes to recover from jet lag depends … Read More

Jet lag in babies and toddlers

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Sleeping baby with Dad looking on

Jet lag in babies This post explains how jet lag affects our bodies. Don’t forget to look after yourself so you’re able to care for your little one to the best of your jet lagged ability. Here are some tips to help you get through jet lag with your baby … Read More

Jet lag: what is it?

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Colourful world map showing all the time zones

All about jet lag How to deal with children with jet lag when you’re feeling dreadful yourself… Long journeys can be exhausting. Long journeys with children are exponentially so… and once you’ve survived the flight, you then have to deal with jet lag. Lovely! What is jet lag? Here’s the … Read More