Expat stresses

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Close up of a wome's eyes overlaid with an image of cracking skin Expat stress under the surface

What stress can an expat possibly have? I don’t assume that everyone who visits this site is excited and thrilled by an overseas move – searches that arrive here indicate that this is far from the case. Moving overseas causes stress and anxiety even when you are excited about, and … Read More

Expat health concerns

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Expat healthcare. Doctors overseas. Taking medicines abroad.

Looking after your health overseas When relocating overseas, you need to ascertain what potential health problems may apply to you. If you have an existing condition that requires regular treatment, get as much information as you can from your doctor before you relocate. Before you leave Research, research and then … Read More

Step out of your comfort zone

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Step out of your comfort zone: woman parachuting

What is your comfort zone? Your comfort zone refers to the set of environments, boundaries and behaviours with which you are comfortable, without creating a sense of risk. Stepping out of your comfort zone raises your anxiety levels which in turn, provokes a stress response. The result of this can … Read More

Release the child within

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Girl jumping in the snow, My childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean playtime is. Inspirational quote about childhood by Ron Olson.

Snow brings out the child in us! It snowed here in Berlin this week (December 2012). Proper snow; snow that squeaks with each footstep and sparkles in the sunlight. I haven’t experienced snow like this for many, many years. It’s gorgeous. And remarkably uplifting. You can’t help but be happy … Read More