Repatriating with family

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Expats returning home with children Sara is sharing her repatriation journey with us in a new series of posts to allow us a peek into her life as she and her family manage their return home. There and back again After 9 years of living in Courtenay, in the central … Read More

How to repatriate successfully

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What to expect when you move back home Not every person who has lived overseas ends up repatriating, but many do – especially if the reason you moved abroad in the first place was because of an overseas work placement. You’d think coming back ‘home’ would be easy. But the … Read More

Repatriation advice for a happy return

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5 tips to help your repatriation For many families, the choice to move their family’s lives overseas turns out to be one of the best they have made. However, for a variety of reasons, some eventually decide to repack their bags and return to their native countries. Many then discover … Read More

3 secrets to a successful repatriation

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Repatriating is going home? So, you’re going home! After so many years abroad, you’re finally returning home. Congratulations! Wait, home?? What is this ‘home’? What are the challenges to moving ‘home’ and how can we prepare? Tip 1. Know that it’s gonna be hard Repatriation can be more difficult than … Read More

Planning to move back home

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Plan to repatriate Moving back to your home country isn’t as easy as you’d expect. People have repeatedly told me that repatriation shock, or reverse culture shock, is harder to deal with than adjusting to a foreign culture in your original move overseas. Mainly, this is because people assume that … Read More