Expat isolation and how to cope

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How to deal with isolation as an expat  When you have to start your life from scratch in a foreign country where you potentially know no-one apart from your partner, where you are not familiar with the customs, where you don’t really know the location or even the neighbourhood, there … Read More

Build new friendships

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Quotes on friendship As an expat, one of the most important – and difficult – issues to sort out is to create a new friendship and social circle. Friends will become your new family; they will help you navigate your new life and provide comfort and laughs when needed. Support … Read More

How to make new friends in a new country

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How to rebuild your social life abroad Moving overseas as an accompanying partner can be both exciting and lonely. Exciting because you’re embarking on a brand new adventure together and lonely because whilst your partner goes to work, often you’re left facing a new life alone. What makes this even … Read More

Finding your community overseas

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Expats or locals? When you live abroad an important element of your life is your social circle. Here are some of the advantages and drawbacks between being part of the expat community and ‘going native’. The expat community With other expats of your own nationality it’s great to be able to … Read More

How to make friends

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On friends and friendship as an expat Friendship is incredibly important. Especially for an expat who has to make new friends quickly or suffer a lonely and dispiriting life overseas. Good friends add so much to our lives and in many cases, and especially with the expat lifestyle, friends become … Read More

Quotes on homesickness and friendship

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Friendship quotes Some weekend inspiration for you if you’re feeling a little homesick or are missing your friends and family for whatever reason: Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes. -Henry David Thoreau It takes hands to … Read More