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Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Find a school in Dubai

View of Dubai from the 124th floor of the highest building in the world by Daniel Zimmermann via Flickr

How to find the best school for your child in Dubai Sponsored article by Holland Park Tuition and Education Consultants Holland Park’s Manager and Lead Consultant in Dubai, Jeremy Branfoot, writes of the issues and options to bear in mind ... Read More »

Surviving fieldtrips with special needs children

Girl looking at an elephant at the zoo Fieldtrip with special needs children

Fieldtrips are a part of school life Most schools have them, and international schools are no exception. I just went with my nonverbal special needs child on two. They were very different from each other. One was a no-brainer and ... Read More »

More questions to ask when choosing a school overseas

Typing a reply. Questions to ask when choosing a school

Overseas education In my previous article, I offered a selection of questions to help anyone choosing a school overseas for their child. Due to the nature of this particular subject; the enormity of it and the individuality of each child, ... Read More »

Strategies to help children with disabilities make the transition to a new country

Boy playing with toy aeroplane. Children with disabilities or special needs relocating overseas

Change is difficult for any child but for those with disabilities it can be even harder. Plan ahead, noting all the possible pitfalls and enlist as much help as possible to help devise coping strategies. Many of these will be ... Read More »

Home schooling for expats

Happy family home schooling expat children

Consider home education for your expat kid Increasing numbers of parents consider home education as an option for their children. This is especially true for expatriates who may take this route for a variety of reasons. Reasons for home schooling ... Read More »