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Home education

Home schooling has become an increasingly popular option

Home school education mother and daughter working at kitchen table

Sponsored article by Holland Park Tuition and Education Consultants Home education for expats Holland Park’s Tuition Manager and Lead Home Schooling Programmer, Chloe Godsell, writes of the increasing prevalence of flexible home schooling. Home Schooling is becoming increasingly popular in ... Read More »

Activities for the summer holidays

Boy with a mixing bowl Cooking activity for summer holidays

16 ways to be sure your kids keep learning over summer break Summer vacation is a time for fun in the sun and enjoying freedom from the drudgery of school in the minds of most children. Making sure that they ... Read More »

Home-school your bilingual child

Girl doing homework. Educating bilingual children via home schooling

Send to school or home-educate? Oh my! What am I doing? Non-native mum seeks to raise her kids bilingually (ESP-UK) at home!? The letter has come back from my eldest son’s school to offer my youngest a nursery place. It ... Read More »

What kind of school is best for an expat child?

Choosing a school for your expat child. Expat education. Group of school children.

School options for expat kids Suzi Dixon of the Telegraph breaks down the different educational options available for children brought up outside the UK. A school with a British curriculum According to the Council of International Schools (CIS), an estimated ... Read More »

Home schooling for expats

Happy family home schooling expat children

Consider home education for your expat kid Increasing numbers of parents consider home education as an option for their children. This is especially true for expatriates who may take this route for a variety of reasons. Reasons for home schooling ... Read More »