Expat children at boarding school

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Four students in school uniform

Boarding school and your expat child The worry over job stability and continued funding for a child’s education can be daunting for any parent. People who live and work abroad, however, have additional concerns that can make an already stressful time for the family even more overwhelming. We see all … Read More

Boarding school open days – what to look for

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Boy at school with map behind him Boarding school open days

Boarding schools for expat children Boarding schools have open days at various points  throughout the year. If you’re considering a boarding school for your child, especially if you are an expat who will be living in a different country from the school, you need to be supremely sure the school … Read More

Which boarding school for your expat child?

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Choosing a boarding school for child of overseas expat parentsBlonde girl with globe

Tips for finding boarding schools More and more expats and international families are looking for boarding schools for the children. This may be because the parents move around a lot, or perhaps the schools in your host country don’t fit the needs of your child. Regardless of the reason, choosing … Read More

To board or not to board?

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Smiling girl wearing pink pyjamas at boarding school UK

Boarding school in the UK This is a difficult decision for most parents. Harry Potter has inspired children and after reading the books many are excited and keen to experience the fun and excitement of boarding school, even if it isn’t Hogwarts. A UK Boarding School provides: Stability of education. … Read More