Moving abroad with kids: What about school?

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Helping your expat child’s education If you’re planning a move overseas with a family, one of your first concerns will undoubtedly be what to do about school and their education. Some parents choose to home educate their children when they move away, either for personal reasons or because of the … Read More

Education is everywhere

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Nature’s benefits for children Many of today’s children are becoming disconnected from nature. Only ten percent of our sons and daughters are spending daily time outside according to The Nature Conservancy. For parents of expat children, this can be a disheartening revelation because our kids are not experiencing the beautiful, … Read More

Homeschooling resources for the US curriculum

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Home education resources for kindergarten and elementary age kids The number of parents in the US who are deciding to take their kids out of school is rapidly on the up. In 1999, homeschoolers made up a tiny fraction of the population, with an estimated 850,000 children being educated at … Read More

Home education resources

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8 top resources for home schooling Getting started on home educating your child can be a daunting prospect. Trying to think of educational activities and things to do each day is enough to give any loving parent a bit of a wobble from time to time. But don’t panic, because … Read More

Home educate with games

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Add more math into your child’s life with these games The rules for homeschooling in different countries can make it difficult to educate your child the way you want to, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot educate them at home at all. If you want to introduce concepts to … Read More

International students

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Expat students Let’s catch up shall we? So we’ve got a quarter billion living abroad and it’s comprised of the most diverse population imaginable. Most recently we’ve sussed that, on the whole, ‘the kids are alright’, but we could do with raising awareness about unaccompanied young immigrants, as shown in … Read More