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Carole Hallett Mobbs and her expat child

Carole Hallett Mobbs and her expat child

Hello and welcome!

My name is Carole Hallett Mobbs and I am the mother of an expat child. I have spent almost the past decade following my husband wherever his job takes him.

In 2006 when our daughter had just turned five years old we moved from Britain to Tokyo, Japan and plunged into expat life in possibly one of the most ‘foreign’ countries in the world. It was wonderful!

After nearly five amazing years in Tokyo, we moved to Berlin, Germany. And a couple of years later we were off again to Pretoria, South Africa where we are now. Most of our daughter’s education has been overseas with a stint in a fabulous boarding school in the UK. She will soon be joining us in South Africa and will start at yet another school here. Her choice – it seems she loves the challenges of expat life as much as her parents!

Personally, I have travelled extensively. Most of my travels were done before motherhood. Some of my trips were on business and some were holidays which were often extended back-packing travels. Almost all of them were done solo and independently. My husband also travelled almost constantly for his work. In fact we met overseas whilst working for the same organisation.

However, neither of us had actually lived overseas until we moved to Japan. It was very much an ‘in at the deep end’ experience and a fantastic opportunity for adventures and a challenging learning curve to match no other. We survived with an open mind, an appetite for adventure and assistance from more experienced expats.

I would now like to help you find your own way to enjoy your new life in a different country.

Some more about me…

  • We have a large tabby cat and a Japanese Shiba Inu dog who also trail around the world with us. (Yes, the dog is our Japanese ‘souvenir’)
  • I’m over-zealous at de-cluttering before a move which always culminates in me spending ages looking for a certain something in our new home, saying, “but I wouldn’t have chucked that out, surely?”. The answer is always “Yes”. And yet I still have way too much stuff – I like stuff and collect all kinds of knick-knacks.
  • I am not very good at grocery shopping and often end up with inedible ingredients in the interests of ‘trying something new’.
  • I love being an expat. But I’m getting a little fed up with packing and unpacking nowadays.
  • As a Brit, you may be surprised to know I’m not particularly keen on hot, sunny weather. I miss the snow we had in Berlin.

Thanks for reading and thank you for visiting ExpatChild. I hope you find the site useful.



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