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About ExpatChild

Moving abroad with your children?

Sensible, useful and practical advice for parents considering a move overseas, and for expats currently abroad.

Find out how ExpatChild can help you.


How ExpatChild can help you


Moving house is a huge step for anyone. Relocating to an entirely different country is even more challenging. Include your children in this adventure and anxieties can become overwhelming.

ExpatChild is here to help. Aimed specifically at people moving abroad with children, you’ll find lots of straightforward information written in plain English to help ease any worries you may have.

How ExpatChild began

ExpatChild started as a small idea that flourished rapidly and now offers thousands of readers the advice they truly need.

Created in 2012 by traveller and expat mum, Carole Hallett Mobbs as a solution to the lack of advice available at the time for people like her – parents who move countries – ExpatChild is designed to provide useful, sensible and practical advice for this huge life event.

There is real guidance here – not sugar-coated clichés and platitudes. Expat life can be tough and that is acknowledged on ExpatChild.

What ExpatChild offers

ExpatChild brings together everything you need to know about moving overseas as a family. From choosing a school overseas to hiring an international removal company and finding friends at your new destination, it’s all here. This is provided via informative articles from Carole herself (as the resident expert) or from other experienced travellers and expats.

Particular attention is paid to the special challenges of moving abroad with children, no matter what their ages, and overcoming the unique obstacles expat life can present.

And you aren’t forgotten in all this either. Find out how to cope with jet lag and culture shock, how to find your own friends, and even how to deal with the packing.

Advice is given in a clear and sensible way to avoid confusion (because let’s face it moving countries can be really confusing) and cuts through the jargon and psycho-babble that’s often trotted out in these situations. You want to know what to do next – ExpatChild provides just that.

ExpatChild is a worldwide connection that has no boundaries. No matter where you are from or where your next move takes you, ExpatChild is here for you.

We all want our children to thrive as happy, successful and well-adjusted individuals – wherever in the world they happen to live.

We’ve been there and we have survived… and, most importantly, so have the kids!

Download free moving abroad checklistA good first step is to download your free moving overseas checklist here. It’s a gift, from us to you, to help you put ticks in boxes and to help you organise your brain during this busy, hectic time.

Download the checklist

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